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January 7, 2018

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April 22, 2017

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A Valentine's Day gift with a difference!

January 16, 2018

Love is – a Valentine’s gift with a difference!

It’s that time of the year again – Valentine’s Day – and we’re all trying to think of a way to say I Love You to our significant other without being too slushy, too corny or too clichéd.

Chocolate and sweeties are a time-honoured ay to get your lover’s attention (especially if she happens to be a sweet toothed female) and Skittles are on the ball this year with ‘Love Mix’ – their Valentine’s themed treats in red, white and pink. They’ve also introduced five new flavours; Strawberry. Cherry, Watermelon, White Grape, and Yumberry. No, we don’t know what a Yumberry is, either. Although they aren’t available in the UK yet (and we want them, now) we have some sweet as pie Valentine’s treats of our own that will go down well with your chosen guy or girl.

We all want to feel the love, and remember it on those dull days when we’re feeling a bit jaded. What better way to remind your loved one that they are for keeps and not just for Valentine’s than a ‘Ten Reasons Why I Love You’ bottle? Come up with ten things you love about your Valentine and we’ll full the bottle for you and send it to them with love…

For cute and quirky Valentine’s couples, our personalised mugs not only bring a smile to your face as you’re slurping your morning coffee, they also have the name of the owner on each one so that you’ll always know whose coffee has the sugar in. These perfect couples’ gifts can also be personalised with a message like ‘wake up sleepyhead’, ‘mine’s a large one’ or even ‘I love you’…


See if they notice the effort you’ve gone to with our personalised Famous Couples mugs too. The list of celebrity couples like Barbie and Ken, Tarzan and Jane and Bonnie and Clyde is completed with your two names so that you two can go down in history with the most celebrated romantic pairings of all time. It may well be the only time you’ll appear in the same sentence as Anthony and Cleopatra and it’s definitely a fun way to show your Valentine just how special you think he or she is. Complete the set with a Famous Couples cushion and give your sofa or bed a great talking point too!


Show them that they have the key to your heart (I know, that’s cornier than Love Mix Skittles) with a personalised keyring. This one’s ideal for you if you’re just taking that first step into moving into together, a key to your front door on a cute keyring that can also be personalised with a special message. It’s the sort of gift that says a lot without actually saying very much.


If you’re going to take the plunge and ask someone to marry you this Valentine’s Day, what cuter way to do it than with a personalised puzzle that ends with the words “Will you marry me?” It’s not the hardest puzzle to figure out, with just 12 pieces, but hopefully when they are put together you’ll get the answer you’re looking for…


For these and more quirky ideas for Valentine’s gifts, visit our Valentine’s Day gifts page…