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Customer service person, gift maker, designer, you name it!

The perfect person to answer the phone, she's always cheerful, patient and helpful. 

She loves her dogs, two boys and tattoos!


Managing Director,in charge of the smooth running of The Bespoke Wedding Gift Company. The creative ideas person of the team. Tried so many crafts before realising she loved everything wedding related and so she built her business around it!

Loves her two German Shepherds, two kids...and husband (well, most of the time!)


The Bespoke Wedding Gift Company 

The Bespoke Wedding Gift Company is an English online shop that specialises in handmade luxury personalised wedding gifts and clothing since 2014.

We are a team of hardworking women, passionate about handmade, quality products and weddings, of course!

We are determined to become a bride and groom's one stop shop for all their personalised wedding clothing and gifts. For this reason, we have mastered several crafts and gift making methods, and offer the largest range of bridal robes and gifts in the UK. 

We design and make all of our beautiful products in our studio in Hertfordshire and ship country and worldwide. 

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Expert wedding robe maker, shipper; most importantly (to us) the calmest person you will ever run into (how she does it is a world secret!)

Hates photos of herself, so we had to find a less appealing photo of a blondie until we sneak a photographer into the studio...